Legal Advice on real estate investments


  • Legal Advice on real estate investments

    The investment on real estates is as old and ancient as the very existence of property. Real estate offers many opportunities to generate profits. A property can be purchased or leased under an initial valuation. After a certain period of time the initial property is often increased, which means higher profits for the owner of property. The investment in real estate represents the usage of financial instruments available to an individual or company for purchasing a real estate on the purpose of generating rental income and profits through price appreciation.

    REALPAS through cooperation with its strategic partner “TS Consulting” Law Office, offers to its clients, legal advice for all aspects related to real estate investments; procedures for obtaining the title of ownership; registration of real estate at RERO (Real Estate Registration Office); Due Diligence of real estate that is an object of transaction, etc. For more about TS Consulting services, please click on “TS CONSULTING”.